Irresistible - Seductive Clitoral Stimulator

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Even though the Irresistible Seductive is whisper quiet, we cant guarantee you'll be!

The Irresistible Seductive is the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology, high-quality, aesthetics and ergonomic design. The technology works by gently and indirectly, stimulating the clitoris with 11 different intensity levels ranging from super-soft to powerful.

This beautifully designed toy encircles your clitoris without touching it and stimulates it via soft pressure air waves which created a unique tissue penetrating vibration that cannot be achieved without the use of this technology.

Unlike other vibrators which can irritate or desensitise your clitoris by over stimulation. The Irresistible Seductive is not subject to over stimulation due to its Touchless Air Wave Technology. Are you ready to experience the most intense orgasm of your life?

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